Cleffa, Clefairy, and Clefable wants list!

Hey there Everyone~ Figured I'd post a wants list finally as I'll be getting another part time job soon that pays decently and I can keep on the look out for these items! Also makes good ideas for xmas! If anyone has these for sale let me know! Also I don't own any pictures, these are all form various shop sites and ebay used for only reference. if you see your picture and want it removed please feel free to tell me!


  • 2000 Bandai Movie #33 card cleffa, igglybuff, smoochum

  • Cleffa Battle Mueseum FIgure

  • Clefairy Battle Mueseum Figure

  • Bandai Gachapon Gashapon Mini

  • All stars Plush

  • Cleffa Bandai Card

  • Cleffa Card Organizer

  • Deco Chara Seals

  • Gold/Silver Plush

  • Kuta Kuta Plush

  • Meiji Chocolate sticker

  • Cleffa Pokedoll Plush

  • Cleffa Kid FIgure

  • Cleffa Round and Round Seal

  • Cleffa Scool Supplies

  • Cleffa Swing Keychain

  • Cleffa Tomy Figure

  • Chara Seal

  • Gameboy GSC gameboy Togepi Headphones

  • Jakks Pacific Plush

  • Cleffa Pin

  • Cleffa Banpresto Prize Plush

  • Pokemon Master Trainer - Light Blue Chip - CLEFFA - Gold-Silver Edition 2001

  • Cleffa Pokemon Channel Nice Card

  • Clefairy Doll Mirage UFO Plush

  • Pokemon Plush Clefairy Stuffed Doll figure Bandai 1997 Candy With Box

  • Cleffa 2000 Banpresto Christmas UFO Plush

  • Pokemon Plush Cleffa 2000 Banpresto UFO doll

  • Cleffa Pokemon Time Stamp


  • 【Pokemon Card BANDAI 1997 Carddass】Clefairy & Clefable 2set HOLO RARE JAPAN

  • 1998 Clefairy Doll

  • 1999 game freak clefairy vinyl backpack

  • Clefairy Ditto Kid

  • Mini Roller Stamp

  • Pokémon CARDDAS Sticker 1998! Pikachu & Clefairy! Bandai

  • 2001! Clefairy & Igglybuff & Pichu Plate Bandai

  • Clefairy Hyper Collection Sticker

  • 1999 Birthday Card

  • Ace of Diamond Playing Card Japanese

  • Tomy Alarm Clock

  • Beanie Plush

  • Chara Seals

  • Clefairy Cocoro Card

  • Clefairy Kid Figure

  • Lollipop Holder

  • Clefairy Ditto Mascot Keychain

  • Clefairy Lamnicard

  • Clefairy Metal Collection Figures

  • Clefairy/Clefable Toppsun Cards

  • Clefairy Room Lamp

  • Clefairy Slider

  • Clefairy Foam Stand Model

  • Clefairy Toretta

  • Clefairy Trozei Sticker

  • Clefairy Windup Doll

  • Clefairy/Pokemon Pillow Case

  • Clefairy Ditto Plush

  • Clefairy/Clefable duo Chara Seal

  • Fuzzy Tomy Plush

  • Gambia 2001 MNH Pokemon Arbok Beedrill Machop Clefairy Poliwhirl 6v Stamps

  • JAPAN BANDAI Pokemon 2set Coin Clefairy Battle Gold Silver Metal Medal 1997

  • Japanese Bandai Clefairy/Clefable Cards

  • Krabby Pikachu Clefairy 6 SIX of HEARTS Pokemon Playing Card

  • Pokemon Japan Set of 2 Car Window Shades Mew Gangar Snorlax Clefairy Pikachu

  • Bandai Plastic Metallic Figure

  • Pokemon All Star Collection Plush

  • Pokemon Center Online LTD PIKACHU & CLEFAIRY Yellow Mug Cup

  • Pokemon Center Poke Doll Charm Keyring

  • Clear Figure Big stamp Clefairy  Banpresto Money box savings Bank

  • Clefariy Calculator

  • Clefairy Marble

  • Clefairy Gadget Water Bottle

  • Pokemon Master Trainer Board Game Clefairy Card

  • Pokemon Master Trainer #35 Clefairy Pink Starter Token Chip 1999

  • Clefairy Clefable Silver Color From Daizanshu Book

  • 1998 Mini Clefairy Skate Board 

  • keychain Necklace 1999 Tri Star Starline

  • Rare JAPAN Pokemon Picture book Clefairy nintendo pocket monster SHOGAKUKAN

  • Pokemon Airline Telephone Card

  • Clefairy Wind up Model Kit

  • Clefairy Torteta Token

  • What's Collection Figure Pokemon Numera Clefairy doll figure


Hey everyone! This is just a final sales post of everything i have left. You can buy EVERYTHING featured for $50 before shipping EXCEPT FOR THE POKEMON CARD SINGLES.if youd like! Other wise enjoy looking!



Pokemon coins!
x1-genesect (50 cents)
x8 pikachu (25 cents each or take all 8 for $1)
X2 fennekin ($50 cents each)
X1 mega gyrados (50 cents)

Mcdonalds Black and White Happy Meal Toys everything is $1 or take all of them for $5

Zoroark x1
Zekrom x2
Zorua x1
Dewott x1
Woobat x1


Pokemon TCG wrappers are 25 cents each. Or take all of for $3 Please note if you buy one send me a list of your top 10 fav pokemon and I will try to send a card of ONE of the pokemon listed. Otherwise I will send a random one

Mega Manectric XY phantom forces x2
Zoroark Break Through x3
Mega Gardevoir Primal Clash x1
Diancie Phantom Forces x2
Zekrom BW Next Destinies x2
Bisharp BW Plasma Storm x1
Groundon Double Crisis x1
Venasaur Generations x3
Mewtwo BW Legendary Collection x1
Pikachu Generations x2
Hoopa XY Ancient Origins x1
Aegislash XY Phantom Forces x2
Charizard Generations x1
Xerneas XY base Set x1
Reshiram BW next destinies x2
Hawlucha XY furious fist x1

Misc items are 50 cents each or EVERYTHING IN PICTUREfor $6

Slurpuff Card x1
Pangoro Card x2
Malamar Card x1
Froakie Card x1
Shaymin Coin x1
Palkia TCG coin x1
Mewtwo pencil x1
Geodude pencil x1
Caterpie penicil x1
Pidgey,pidgeotto,pidgeot pencil x1
Charizard Pencil x1

Mega Mewtwo Y card x1
Helioptile card x2
Chespin card x2
X1 random stickers

Pokemon Mega Evolution Dice Bag $8 or Best Offer


Everything pictured is 50 cents or take eveything for $4 These are timy cardboard RBG collectible cards with pokemon info on the back. I can list the pokemon i have upon request if you cant see the picture well


Take everything in this picture for $2 otherwise everything individually is a $1

SS Korean sticker sheet x1
HGSS Korean sticker sheet x1
Darkrai Generations box Pin x1

Pokemon Items for sale!

Hello Everyone! Frozen Madame with some HUGE Pokemon Sales. I'm in dire need to build my savings back up by November so I can have some extra money before FFXV and World of FF come out! I ordered the big collectors editions since FF is my biggest er at least more dedicated collection. (wow okay enough rambling!)


Shipping varies, between boxes, envelopes ect. I do more detailed pictures upon request. beware I DO keep holds but only up to 2 days! anything after that will be put back for sale! this is my ebay feedback! I accept Paypal ONLY and ship once I receive payment! Thank you.

I AM UP TO TRADES. PLEASE TAKE INTO MIND I ONLY TRADE FOR THE FOLLOWING POKEMON AND I REALLY NEED THE MONEY OVER ITEMS and please dont be offended if I decline your trades <3 ( I dont have an official want blog yet but here is a good idea for what i need as I update this regulary

-Cleffa, Clefairy, Clefable
-Poochyena, MIghtyena
-Hoenn Pokemon in general (especially the trio)
-Nidoran male, Nidoran female, Nidorina, Nidoqueen
-Growlithe, Arcanine
-Venonat, Venomoth

(These are main collections I've started so if there's any other pokemon you at least want to offer I'm always up to taking a peak!)

~Each Sticker is 50 cents a piece or you can take this lot for $4~

Everything here is 50 cents a piece as well or $5 for the lot!

~Each of these stickers are 50 cents a piece or take all these stickers for $6 OBO~

~Everything is 50 cents a piece OR $5 for everything

RITCHIE CARD IS SOLD. Rest of the cards shown are 50 cents a piece or everything pictured for $3

~HGSS Sticker sheets $1 a piece!

~Sealed Pokemon Y Poster is $4 and the Mega Evolution Dice bag is $15 IM OPEN TO BEST OFFER

~Amaura and sylveon Tomy Plushes with no tag $5 each, wobbu banpresto no tag $10, golbat BK plush $2. take everything for $20

~Not sure what this pipulp is from but IT IS JAKKS $5 OBO

~Pokemon mega evolution pencil toppers, Mega Mawile and Lucario! $2

Bandai Sky Forme Shaymin $5, Prinplup Jakks $4, Chansey BK spinner $2

~Hasbro Aggron and Sharpedo $5 each and I believe Yanma is also Hasbro. He is $2

1st row including pencil $1/piece 2nd row pichu-rotom $2/piece 3rd row mime jr/ivy $3/piece Back row $5 $25 for lot

~All jakks pacific toys are $5 or im open go best offer! Take everything for $50!

BK toys on right $2 a piece, mcdonalds in the middle are a $1 a piece and the left cereal spinners too,

Tomys are $2 a piece por take the lot for $20


~Poke kids! $2 a piece or $5 for the lot

~Mighty beans! $1 each or everything for $5
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